Weight Loss Surgery Fort Worth

Weight Loss Surgery Fort Worth

Adopting a healthier lifestyle demands time, sacrifices, knowledge, and a great deal of willpower. We, at North Texas Surgical Specialists, recommend our weight loss surgery in Fort Worth as the ideal procedure for people who have problems shedding weight the traditional way.

How to lose weight fast?

The fastest way to achieve the dream body should begin with a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve. While resorting to a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle are ideal strategies towards achieving that goal, not everybody can do it. Some people lack the time, willpower, knowledge or the physical capabilities necessary. If you are obese or severely overweight, with a BMI of over 40, you know how difficult it can be to stick to a weight loss plan.

Both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve will correct these problems fast. The procedures aim to resize your stomach, to reduce the food appetite, how much you can eat and cut your body’s ability to absorb as many calories as before. As a result, you will continue to lose weight long after the intervention, especially if you adopt a healthier lifestyle as well.

How much weight do you lose with gastric bypass?

You should expect to shed approximately 65% to 80% of your surplus weight. It may vary, depending on the patient, but the results will be drastic either way. However, we advise you to bear in mind that no weight loss surgery in Fort Worth is a miracle solution towards achieving the body of your dreams. If after following the procedure, you will return to your old lifestyle, you will soon regain all your lost weight.

We teach all our patients to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle after the intervention, which will allow them to remain in shape for years to come. If you’re having problems with your body weight, contact us today and book an appointment with one of our experts! Our doctor will take your case immediately.

How to maintain weight after losing it

Immediately after the weight loss surgery, you should adopt a healthier diet, along with a more active lifestyle regularly. The surgery will help immensely in the initial stages, especially if you have difficult times handling the problem yourself. Both gastric bypasses and gastric sleeves will reduce the size of your stomach, lowering the food intake significantly. Your food appetite will drop, as well as your organism’s ability to deposit calories.

However, if you go back to your pre-surgery lifestyle, you will soon return to your old shapes. You can only avoid that by being willing to change. While we do advise giving your body time to recover after the surgery, our clinician will guide you towards adopting a healthier lifestyle for the long haul. It will allow you to maintain your weight after our weight loss surgery in Fort Worth, and increase the quality of your life drastically.

We invite you to North Texas Surgical Specialists for a routine screening today! Our experts will recommend the ideal approaches depending on your clinical profile.

Weight Loss Surgery Fort Worth
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