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Top General Surgery in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas

North Texas Surgical Specialists is a premier treatment center with the best general surgeons in Fort Worth. Our team of surgeons possess several years of experience and have hundreds of positive reviews from previous patients, vouching for the quality of their medical services.

What types of surgeries does a general surgeon do?

A general surgeon specializes in a broad range of procedures, such as exciting small skin lesions, removing cysts, colectomies, bowel procedures, liver and gallbladder removal, complex hernia repairs, etc. General surgeons also perform surgeries relating to women’s health, including breast biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, etc.

Dr. Jay Patel, our leading general surgeon, possesses a broad range of training, knowledge, and skills to perform minimally invasive surgeries and robotic procedures.

Do I see a general surgeon via referral from a family medicine physician or a specialist?

Our Fort Worth TX general surgeons see most of our patients as referrals from their primary care doctors. Sometimes, we get referrals from specialists in and around Fort Worth as well.

Some specialists who refer patients to our general surgeons include gastroenterologists, oncologists, pediatrics, urology, and other medical subspecialties. With the best Fort Worth general surgeons, we offer the most advanced surgical treatments at budget-friendly prices, seeking to make our services affordable to as many people as possible.

What is a minimally invasive surgery?

A minimally invasive surgery involves specific techniques that inflict the least amount of damage to your body. The procedure also involves less pain, a shorter hospital stay, low hospital costs, and fewer complications, unlike open surgery or other more advanced interventions.

Our surgeons in DFW are experts at performing laparoscopy, a procedure consisting of one or more small incisions. It involves the use of small tubes, tiny cameras, and surgical instruments. We also offer robotic surgery, a popular type of minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery provides a magnified view of the surgical site, enabling our general surgeon in Dallas, TX, to operate with improved precision and control.

What makes us the #1 clinic for general surgery in Fort Worth?

Our treatment center is one of the largest surgical practices in Fort Worth, with an experienced team of doctors. With multiple locations throughout the I35 corridor, TX, we treat thousands of patients requiring surgeries every year. Here’s why our general surgeon in Dallas, TX, is perfect for your case:

  • Integrated care – Our specialists follow a collaborative approach and work closely with doctors from other surgical and medical specialties to provide you with the best treatment outcome.
  • State-of-the-art surgical facilities – We have some of the most advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment in our operating rooms, providing patients with unsurpassed medical care and support.
  • Innovation – Our Dallas Fort Worth general surgeon, Dr. Long Nguyen, has a history of surgical innovations and is active in research. Our team of general surgeons never ceases to find new and better treatments to help patients attain comprehensive recovery from their ailments.

Book a consultation with one of our best general surgeons in Fort Worth and allow our expert take over your case. North Texas Surgical Specialists has multiple locations throughout the I35 corridor, TX, making us one of the few treatment centers with the shortest waiting times.