Robotic Surgery in Ennis, TX

Robotic-assisted surgery places us at the forefront of advances that make surgery easier and more effective. Our da Vinci® Surgical System can replace traditional, open surgery – which requires weeks of recovery and higher risks.


Enhancing Your Surgeon's Capabilities

The da Vinci® Surgical System is designed with high-definition 3D vision and a greatly magnified view. It allows our surgeons to see the site more clearly compared with traditional techniques. It also enhances precision, flexibility and control. The surgeon can make just a few tiny openings and repair areas of the body that are not easily accessible.

Precision Control

Your surgeon is with you in the operating room, seated at the da Vinci system console. The console gives your surgeon control of the instruments they use to perform your surgery.

Crystal Clear

The da Vinci vision system delivers 3D high-definition views, giving your surgeon a crystal clear view of the surgical area that is magnified 10 times to what the human eye sees.


Your surgeon uses tiny instruments that move like a human hand but with a far greater range of motion. Built-in tremor-filtration technology moves each instrument with smooth precision.

About The Davinci System

It’s fair to say that no one looks forward to surgery, but many symptoms or conditions simply can’t be removed. If you feel anxious about surgery, be sure to tell your surgery care team and ask about the measures to protect you. You can also explore the different ways doctors can perform the surgery you need.

Traditional open surgery, where a surgeon operates with handheld instruments through a large cut (incision), may be the first method that comes to mind. However, you could also be a candidate for a less invasive approach requiring just a few minor cuts, called minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery includes laparoscopic surgery and robotic-assisted surgery.

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Robotic Surgery Treatment Options

Robotic surgery is designed to allow surgeons to perform complex procedures with enhanced precision and minimally invasive. The robotic surgical system includes mechanical arms with attached surgical instruments and a camera arm that allows the doctor to visualize the treatment area. The robot does not perform the surgery itself. The surgeon controls these arms to perform the surgery. This technology allows surgeons to minimize the trauma to the patient leading to faster recovery times.

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Thoracic Surgery

Benefits of Robotic Surgery from North Texas Surgical Specialists

Robotic surgery offers several benefits over traditional open and laparoscopic procedures. Robotic surgery allows surgeons to have improved vision with the 3D high-definition view. With these instruments, the surgeon is able to perform complex maneuvers similar to traditional open procedures, which were lost with laparoscopic surgery. This improves the overall effectiveness of the procedure and reduces the risk of complications. Patients also spend less time in the hospital and have a shorter recovery period.

The recovery period following robotic surgery will depend on the type of procedure performed, as well as the patient’s condition before the surgery. However, the recovery period following robotic surgery is usually shorter and less difficult than after a traditional open procedure. This is due to smaller incisions and reduced surgical trauma achieved by using the robotic surgical system. We will discuss exact expected recovery time for the patient and procedure at the time of initial consultation.

Robotic surgery with The Davinci System has the following benefits: Shorter hospitalization, reduced pain and discomfort, faster recovery time and return to normal activities, smaller incisions, resulting in reduced risk of infection, reduced blood loss and transfusions, and minimal scarring.


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Planning and Preparing

The most important thing you can do before surgery is to talk to your surgeon and follow all instructions from your care team. Here’s a list of additional ideas to help you get ready for surgery day.


Follow all care team instructions from your surgeon and doctor.


Prepare for limitations after surgery and make arrangements at home and work.


Dress for comfort by wearing comfortable clothing and shoes to your surgery.


Get Ready for check-in by bringing your ID and insurance information.

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