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A surgeon operating a robot inside of your body might sound like a plot in a horror movie, but in fact, it’s cutting-edge technology offered by North Texas Surgical Specialists. A robotic surgeon in Fort Worth can operate remotely and provide patients with a much better and easier healing process. Take advantage of this new technology. It’s not just popular because it’s interesting or technologically-advanced. It’s popular because it really works!

What Does a Robotic Surgeon Do?

When our robotic surgeons enter surgery, we don’t put on gloves, nor do we approach the patient. Instead, we sit down ten feet away and go to work. We have tremendous magnification and almost microscopic instruments, and the machine does what the surgeon does. Robotic surgery is a concept that is relatively still new to North Texas, and it takes place at our three locations in Arlington, Fort Worth, and North Richland Hills. But why choose a robotic surgeon in Fort Worth?

Why Choose a Robotic Surgeon Over an Open Surgeon?

With open surgeries, we can often do a more precise operation than we could with open instruments. To see how accurate our robotic instruments are, there are several videos online showcasing how easily the tools move in all directions and handle the smallest items with ease, such as coins, pins, and other small items. All of it is done under the control of the operating surgeon who uses a minuscule camera inserted into the body along with the tools as navigation.

With robotic surgery, we can often avoid those big open cuts that might keep you in the hospital for a week or two; we can enter your body with instruments from small ports that are about as big as the tip of a pinky finger. In the end, the surgical procedure that’s being done is exactly the same as if it was done in open surgery.

Robotic surgery is minimally-invasive and involves less recovery time and pain, which often helps with patient anxiety. Further, a robotic surgeon can provide suturing much more quickly with robotic instruments.

What Can be Treated by a Robotic Surgeon?

Typical robot surgeries involve removing prostates and cancerous tumors, sometimes from vital organs. For example, in most cases, rather than moving an entire kidney, robotic surgery allows us to take away the tumor and save the rest of the kidney. Put simply; robotic surgery helps our surgeons to be better doctors from ten feet away from the patient – a true marvel of technology and a sign of the times.

Contact Us to Explore Robotic Surgery Options

As you can see, there are many benefits to using robotic surgery when and where possible. Our robotic surgeons are some of the best in the world and can assist you from three convenient locations.

At North Texas Surgical Specialists, we use our robotic technology for other specialties too – gynecology, general surgery, and for treating patient cancer. Robotic surgery has been very successful for our patients.robotic surgeon Fort Worth

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