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Surgical Oncology
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Surgical Oncology at North Texas Surgical Specialists

North Texas Surgical Specialists offers the most advanced surgical treatments for cancer in Arlington, TX. Our surgeons are leaders in offering innovative surgical technologies to cancer patients, including minimally invasive procedures and robotic surgery.

Surgical Oncology

Surgery is often a necessary and important part of a cancer treatment. Surgery may be used to:

  • Diagnose and determine what stage a cancer has reached
  • Remove part or all of a cancerous tumor or mass
  • Provide relief from symptoms caused by cancer
  • Reconstruct the body after removal of the tumor or mass

Our surgical oncology team is committed to the care of patients requiring surgical intervention. 

Surgical Procedures

Surgical Oncology is a crucial tool in the treatment of many cancers. When appropriate, surgical oncologists will work to remove as much of the cancerous tumor or mass as possible. These procedures can also help remove obstructions caused by tumors and ease a patient’s pain and discomfort. Some cancer treatments may require surgery and a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.

Types of Surgery

Diagnosis: Surgery can be used to remove suspicious tissue for testing or to determine the stage or extent of the disease. Together with imaging and blood tests, diagnosis surgery can help determine an ideal course of treatment.

Tumor Removal: For some cancers, chemotherapy and radiation are not enough to stop the illness, and surgery is required.

Tumor removal may be required if:

  • A tumor affects the ability of an organ to function properly
  • A tumor obstructs or impacts the function of other parts of the body
  • A tumor produces substances that may worsen the illness

Symptom Relief: Palliative surgery is used to help relieve side effects caused by a tumor, improving a patient’s quality of life. This kind of surgery may be performed to relieve pain, stop internal bleeding or to ease the effects of certain cancer treatments.

Reconstructive Procedures: Plastic and reconstructive surgeries can help to restore a patient’s cosmetic appearance or physical ability in the wake of some cancer treatments. These procedures are also used to replace tissues that may have been removed during some cancer treatments.

Our Technology

Because surgery is often the most direct approach for treating many cancers, surgical oncologists in Arlington, TX invest in the latest surgical technologies. Using these advanced techniques, our expert surgeons work to reduce patient discomfort, speed recovery, and deliver positive outcomes.

Robotic Surgery: The advanced da Vinci® Surgical System of robotic surgery allows surgeons to achieve an incredibly high level of precision. This technique offers patients many advantages, including less blood loss, a faster recovery process, and fewer postoperative complications.

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Minimally invasive surgery uses advanced techniques to remove tumors through tiny incisions. These small keyhole incisions help reduce recovery time and make it easier for patients to return to their normal routines.

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