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It’s natural to have questions about surgery. The doctors and medical staffs at North Texas Surgical Specialist are here to answer your questions. In this post, we’ve put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our surgical procedures and doctors.

What type of surgery procedures do you provide?

At North Texas Surgical Specialists, we offer a wide variety of surgical procedures in Mansfield, TX. The most common are robotic surgery, general surgery, vascular surgery, esophageal surgery, bariatrics surgery, and many more. If we don’t list the procedure you are seeking, please contact our office to discover if we have a surgeon who can offer your service. 

Why is the surgery needed?

Reasons to have surgery vary from preventing pain to improving body function. At North Texas Surgical Specialists, our surgeon will let you know why this procedure is being recommended and make sure you understand how the surgery will improve your medical condition.

What are the items I need to bring?

Things you need to bring along when coming for surgery at North Texas Surgical Specialists are insurance cards, current medication list, photo i.d, and advance directives. While we do our best to safeguard your belongings, we advise you to leave all jewelry and valuables at home. 

What if I do not have anyone to stay with me after my surgery?

We may cancel your surgery until you make an arrangement. 

How long will I have to be at the clinic?

You need to be at our clinic for at least 3 hours before the surgery begins. However, each surgery varies in circumstances and time.

How long will my surgery last?

The length of time your surgery will take depend on the patient and the surgery, but most procedures take a few hours. 

When can I drive?

We require that someone must escort you home after the procedure. The effect of the surgery may take up to 24 hours to disappear. Our surgeon will let you know when you are fully fit to drive.

Can my family visit me before surgery?

Our clinic policy only allows a few family members to visit the patient before and after surgery. Our nursing staff will be more than happy to give the family members a periodic waiting update.

How long will it take me to recover?

Recovery time varies depending on the surgery. But generally, recovery takes a few hours, depending on the patient’s needs. However, all patients must meet some criteria before they are transferred to the discharge area. 

How will my pain be controlled?

Our surgeon will give you pain medications after the surgery. You can take these medications with food such as toast, yogurt, and pudding.

Will my surgeon speak with me after surgery?

Yes. Our surgeon will speak with you before and after the surgery. They will also talk to your family member.

If you can’t find your question in this post, please feel free to book your free health consultation with North Texas’s best surgeons.