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Hernia Surgeons in Forth Worth

North Texas Surgical Specialists is where you can find the state’s best hernia surgeons in Fort Worth. Whether you want robotic or open hernia surgery, we’re glad to provide you with the medical care you need. As you will see, the key to treating hernias is to seek help immediately.

If you’d like to discuss your options with experienced hernia surgeons in Fort Worth, please contact North Texas Surgical Specialists today. We employ some of the best surgeons in Texas.

How Do I Know if I Need a Hernia Surgeon?

In general, the definition of a hernia is a weakness of the abdominal wall or a defect. The most common areas of the abdominal wall where an individual can form a hernia are the inguinal (inner groin) the umbilical (belly button), the hiatal (upper stomach), or in the abdominal wall itself after some type of injury.

Typically, a patient will report to our office with inguinal pain or a bulge. Often, the pain in the bulge will radiate down into the groin, if the patient is a male. Hernias are a weakness of the abdominal wall where the abdominal wall causes a bulging. The risk of a hernia is, through the bulge, a segment of the intestine can bulge out and then strangulate or cut off its blood supply. We always explain to patients that hernias are time bombs. You never know when it can become strangulated.

Of course, we never want to wait for that to happen. Instead, we always want to repair the hernias proactively before we get to that stage.

Where to Get Robotic Hernia Surgery in Fort Worth

We can perform this procedure robotically, which means minimally-invasive. Minimally-invasive means a tiny incision rather than a large, open cut that is required with open hernia surgery. With robotic hernia surgery, we fix the hernia by placing synthetic mesh to occlude the defect. Our hernia surgeons are the ones who operate and are the arms of the robot. What the surgeon does, the robot does.

Robotic hernia repair is an outpatient medical procedure, meaning that the patient usually goes home the same day of the hernia operation. This is possible because robotic hernia surgery is a minimally-invasive operation. This is also why robotic hernia surgeons in Fort Worth are on the rise.

Best Hernia Surgeons in Fort Worth

Your surgeon will begin your case by inserting the trocars in the arms of the robot, which will be holding its instruments, but the actual dissection and surgery is done by the surgeon at the console. The robot is never doing anything on its own. It’s the surgeon who controls it all.

After the procedure, the patient will need to rest. If he or she can, taking a week off would be ideal. With an open procedure, we usually limit our patients from four to six weeks before doing any heavy lifting. It’s usually half the time with robotic hernia surgery. As you can see robotic surgery is the best. Contact us and speak with our robotic hernia surgeons in Fort Worth today.

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