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Female General Surgeon Fort Worth Texas

If you need a general surgeon, but you want a female general surgeon in Fort Worth, then North Texas Surgical Specialists is the place for you. Health care is private, and sometimes, men and women feel more comfortable entrusting their health care into the hands of physicians and surgeons of the same gender. North Texas Surgical Specialists is proud to be one of the few surgical centers in North Texas featuring several female general surgeons.

Why Have Female General Surgeons?

Surgery, as is just about all forms of health care, is highly personal to the patient and the health care provider. Having female surgeons and doctors in the operating rooms isn’t just ethical; it’s important for providing the best health care for patients, as women bring a unique touch and perspective to the operating room. Indeed, our female surgeons are just as talented as any male surgeons anywhere, and by far, ours are the best female general surgeons in Fort Worth.

Why Female Surgeons are Amazing

If you would like to speak with or meet with our talented female surgeons, we invite you to call and schedule an appointment as soon as you’re ready. Our female surgeons are amazing women, some with children and families in addition to highly distinguished careers. Surgery is often seen exclusively through the prism of the patient being operated on, as the patient is the object of attention during surgery. However, few ever take the time to see surgery through the eyes of a surgeon.

Surgery, through the eyes of a surgeon, is often grueling work – especially open surgery. Open surgery often requires extremely long hours and life or death decisions. While surgery has been and still is a traditionally male-centric field, North Texas Surgical Specialists is the leading the way for equality in the surgery room, having several women on our small but highly skilled staff of general surgeons.

NTX Surgical Offers Female Robotic Surgeons

In addition to setting the standard for women in the surgery room, North Texas Surgical Specialists is one of the only clinics in the US with female robotic surgeons. Robotic surgery is a pinpoint-accurate form of surgery that’s done with a machine and is a minimally invasive form of surgery. If robotic surgery is an option for you, then you could potentially heal a lot faster and be in the operating room for a shorter period.

Find a Female General Surgeon in Fort Worth Here

Every day, women are changing medicine for the better. Female surgeons are just as talented as male surgeons. According to a study in Ontario, patients who were operated on by female surgeons were much less likely to die within a month after surgery. There have been other studies conducted with similar findings.

Contact North Texas Surgical Specialists today to speak with a female general surgeon in Fort Worth. Get the health care you deserve from a surgeon you are comfortable with. Give us a call today to discuss your surgical needs.female general surgeon Fort Worth

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