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Colorectal Doctors in Fort Worth, Texas

Society shuns conversations with a tinge of shame, such as colon related illnesses and procedures. The American Cancer Society states that colorectal cancer is the third leading type of cancer for both men and women. A diagnosis of colorectal cancer needs immediate attention by a qualified doctor who can quickly contain various symptoms while increasing the chances of healing.

The colorectal surgeon has a specialty in the colon and other affected organs like the liver and reproductive system. It is high time to see a surgeon when you develop obvious signs like blood stool and increased constipation. The quality of the doctor in attendance will determine how you will cope with future problems. Our colorectal doctor in Fort Worth is your best bet because they have the right professional and social skills to support comfortable healing.

Qualities of our colorectal surgeons


The most important question for the surgeon is the amount of experience they bring to the patient. Most practices are comfortable enough to refer you to a portfolio that proves the number of completed courses. It is better to get a practitioner with more than a couple of years in the industry and recent involvement in similar cases. The colorectal surgeons in our facility have affiliations with many other hospitals; hence they have an extensive profile of many similar issues.


Board certification is critical in determining the best doctor for the situation. It is a strong indicator of the physician’s qualifications. You can search the capability on the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery site. The certificate is proof the doctor completed five years of training and at least one year of colon and rectal surgery and excellent remarks in all examinations. A doctor who stays on the site for longer than ten years also passed the ten-year mark recertification exam.


Our doctors do not begin treatment as soon as you present a positive case of colorectal cancer. We strive to prepare enough therapy to address all symptoms by the patient before the Fort Worth colon and rectal surgery.

We like a chance to look at every patient’s medical profile to review their previous and current medical conditions. We recommend bringing a family or friend to the exams or the actual day of the surgical appointment. The second pair of ears will help absorb the complex information of all treatments and surgeries.

Treatment options

How does the colon rectal surgeon in Fort Worth TX propose to treat cancer? There is more than one way to skin the cat. It is best to avoid the surgeon who uses the same procedures for all kinds of conditions and treatments. You need a surgical procedure that is specific to your body.

All five medical doctors use different methods to handle different side effects and treatment options. We include dietary changes and medical solutions to exhaust all approaches for the disease’s progress. The most common colorectal treatments in conjunction with the surgery, include the following:

  • Colectomy
  • Bowel obstruction repair
  • Hemorrhoid removal
  • Pelvic laparoscopy
  • Colostomy
  • Colonoscopy

North Texas Surgical Specialists spend an ample amount of time at the facility. We are open at discussing the details of the operation to lead you to better health. Contact 682-224-3748 to speak to one of a top colon doctor in Fort Worth at the facility.

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