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Bariatric Surgery in Fort Worth Texas

When struggling with obesity, you have limited options for dealing with the disorder yourself. At North Texas surgical specialists, we are using advanced bariatric surgery in Fort Worth as our primary strategy against obesity and weight-related conditions.

What causes obesity?

The most widespread factors include poor diets and the lack of physical activity. Genetics and specific medical conditions can also cause obesity over time, but these occurrences are rarer than most people think. For the most part, you have ended up having weight problems because of poorly managing your calorie intake. Eat too much and burn too little, and the effects will show pretty soon.

While there are ways to deal with your weight gain problems in the initial stages, there is little you can do when facing full-blown obesity. Changing your diet will only deliver mediocre effects while adopting a more active lifestyle is out of the question. If you are obese, you need medical treatment fast, before the condition worsens any further.

How to treat obesity?

We recommend our bariatric surgery as the ideal procedure against obesity, as well as overweight issues. We focus on two primary methods:

Gastric sleeve – The process involves removing 80% of the stomach, greatly diminishing the amount of food you can ingest. Satiety will occur faster, as you will experience changes in the gut hormonal environment. You will not only have a lower food appetite, but you won’t be physically able to eat as much either.

Gastric bypass – This type of surgery is more invasive and complicated. It relies on creating a small pouch in the stomach and reconnecting it to a portion of the small intestine. Following this type of bariatric surgery in Fort Worth, your food appetite will decrease dramatically, as well as the amount of food you can eat.

Many patients report drastic weight losses over time, even registering a 70% reduction in excess weight over two years after the procedure. In almost all cases, bariatric surgery is necessary for patients dealing with obesity, as it represents the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

How do you keep weight off?

To prevent your weight problems from relapsing, you must adopt significant lifestyle changes along the way. Bariatric surgery is not a panacea. Many people end up returning to their normal lifestyles following the surgical intervention, which will undermine the results of the procedure.

We advise all our patients to prepare themselves for extensive lifestyle changes, especially in their diets and workout routine. If not, the body’s physiology will return to normal, since the stomach is elastic and will regain its standard shape over time. Good news – if you’re determined to change your life and leave obesity behind, our bariatric surgery in Fort Worth will cut your efforts significantly.

Thanks to the drastic changes in your food appetite, as well as your stomach size, you will soon begin to lose weight extensively. At North Texas Surgical Specialists, we invite you to come in for a screening and get you ready for the intervention.bariatric surgery Fort Worth

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