To accommodate and meet the needs of our patients, we are conducting Telemedicine Visits.
Please call our office and speak with our friendly staff for more information at 682-224-3748. 
Thank you.

If you have a fever and signs/symptoms of a lower respiratory illness (cough or trouble breathing) OR you had close contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient then….

  • Please see a primary care physician for further instructions on your care.
  • Please don’t set an appointment with our office until you have been symptom free for 14 days.
  • If you have an appointment, please call, and we will reschedule for a later date.
  • Self quarantine yourself at home and avoid close contact with others.

Please call us if you have any further questions at 682-224-3748.  Thank you.

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About Us

North Texas Surgical Specialists are proud to provide surgical services to the residents of Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding cities. We offer a variety of services for our patients:
General surgery/Acute Care Trauma, Upper GI/Bariatric weight loss surgery and Surgical Oncology which includes Colo-rectal, Pancreatic and Esophageal cancer.

We are excited to offer advance surgical treatment with a minimal invasive approach using the latest DaVinci Robotic Surgical System.

We understand that every case is unique therefore plan procedures and tailor treatment to meet the needs of the individual patient.

North Texas Surgical Specialists have many locations in the DFW area and are affiliated with several hospitals in the area allowing for a location that is convenient for you.
We accept all types of insurance, including PPO and HMO plans.

If you are interested in being seen and to discuss treatment options with North Texas Surgical Specialists, please schedule an appointment today.


Fast Response

Appointments are scheduled in a timely fashion to ensure faster treatment time.

Comfortable Office

5 convenient locations to service all your surgical needs.

Latest Technology

We provide high standards of care by using the most advanced technology to ensure a safe and effective surgery.

Very Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on making sure you are treated like family.


6 Locations

We offer 6 metroplex locations for patients. Fort Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Alliance, and Weatherford.

Experienced Professionals

Our physicians are trained in the latest Robotic and General Surgery techniques. 



Jay Patel, DO

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Long Nguyen, MD

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Ashley Mekala, DO

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Saadi Halbouni, MD

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Nezar Jrebi, MD

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Tai Do, MD

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Leslie Reddell, DO

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Denish Patel, DO

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Hyungmin Jung, MD

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Amanda Dugan, AANP

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General Surgery

General surgery is a surgical specialty that covers a wide range of common ailments from head and neck to the abdomen and extremities. The surgeons at North Texas Surgical Specialists are highly skilled that focus on soft tissue masses, thyroid/parathyroid nodules and abdominal complaints such as appendicitis, hernias, gallbladder disease, pancreas, stomach and intestinal issues including tumor removal.


Bariatic Surgery

When traditional weight loss methods are not effective, weight loss surgery may be the best option. The goal of the surgery is to not only help patients lose weight, but help with improvement and better management of high blood pressure and diabetes. This will led to a healthier lifestyle and improved longevity.


Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform procedures with more control and precision. We specialize in using the latest technology to perform surgery. This allows us to perform complex procedures with a minimal invasive approach, allowing for a fast recovery and an even faster return to life for our patients.

Vascular Surgery

Dr. Saadi Halbouni is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon with North Texas Surgical Specialists. He manages and performs multiple procedures to treat patients with carotid stenosis, aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease, varicose veins and leg swelling, deep venous thrombosis, and provides dialysis access for patients with end stage renal disease.

Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Nezar Jrebi is a Colorectal Surgeon with North Texas Surgical Specialists. He manages and performs multiple procedures to treat patients to help manage a variety of benign and malignant conditions such as diverticulitis, Colon, Rectal, and Anal cancer, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a wide spectrum of Perianal diseases, and Pelvic Floor diseases.


Bariatric Support Group

North Texas Surgical Specialists (NTSS) is now offering a support group for those patients past and present who have or will undergo Bariatric surgery. We want to encourage all our patients to be proactive in learning the details of the surgery while promoting...


Dr. Denish Patel, Thank you for saving my life on January 30, 2020. Words can never express how much of a superhero rockstar you are for all that you have done for me.

T. Sims

On July 9th 2018 Dr Jay Patel performed two surgeries on me the first surgery was a fundoplication and a second surgery was a hiatal hernia repair. I just want to tell you Dr. Patel Thank you, I am able to actually drink water now and not get heartburn and not have it come up through my nose . Dr. Patel listened to what I had to tell him about what my problem was and he was able to fix with no other doctor would do they just kept overlooking everything so Dr Patel once again I want to tell you thank you so very much this is a big change in my life after going through this for so many years.

Sylvia T.

I got the gastric sleeve on October 16, 2018. I am so happy I did id. It was a little rough at first learning what to eat. Love the service and the workers are so helpful and caring about all issues that came up. If I had the chance to do it over I’d still do it through Dr. Patel and his staff. Thanks to all of you.

Candy J

My Experience with Dr Patel himself, I absolutely Loved him. My previous rating was on his front desk staff, but When I expressed how I was made feel to him, he was more than concerned and offered not once but twice to have his staff come in and apologize to Me. My BP was already elevated; therefore, I opted out but I Love his spirit and personality. Yes he speaks quick, but so do/can I and I left with no questions in mind. I’m excited to see the end results. Thank You Dr Patel ? You’re Helping change My life.


I was referred to Dr. Patel by two of my patients. I have been in the nursing field and patient referrals go a long way. I asked my own doctor (my employer) what he thought about me having surgery for weight loss and he thought that it was a good idea with my health issues and habits but he insisted that I look and listen for a few things during my initial visit. I did!! I reported back to my doctor and he responded that it sounded like a doctor that knew what he was doing. WELL, HE DOES!!! After going through the presurgical consultations and counseling I finally got a surgery date, December 12th, 2017. The surgery staff was AWESOME!!! Knowledgeable, Skilled, Caring and they had a sense of humor which made the process more relaxing and less stressful. My mother was very surprised at how quick the process was. Because I’m in the medical field I knew that recovery depended on me so I was up walking around a few hours after surgery and went home the next day. Dr. Patel had ordered home nurse visits after discharge but I was released from that after only a week and returned to work the next week. They were shocked by the minimal scars, the care needed and my quick recovery. 6 months later and I have lost 68 pounds, my scars are barely visible and all of my previous medical issues have been resolved. I FEEL GREAT!!! In my 26 years of nursing he is THE BEST SURGEON I know. I would trust him with any family member of mines. I’m perplexed by the few 1 star reviews and wouldn’t give them any credibility. I have never had any problem getting an appointment and as far as the waiting time in the office, any good doctor is going to have a very heavy patient load and there are only so many rooms in any given office. The patients in my office wait an average of an hour. If you see a doctor that doesn’t have but a few patients in the waiting area I would be concerned. Keep in mind that he Is the ONLY doctor in his practice. And as for the time he spends in the room, he always answered all of my questions and listened to everything that I had to say. And he doesn’t even know my experience and background in the medical field. I kept that information to myself for a reason. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. PATEL!!! I wish I could post a before and after photo.

Sonya P.

Also, about my husband, please relay to Dr. Patel, Dr. Patel, and the whole team that you would not believe how this has changed our lives. His bilirubin is down to 1.9 already, his platelets have doubled since the day we left the hospital. This weekend he put on his old work uniforms from our business and his work boots for the first time in over a year. He went to our old business and moved equipment out (not manually, using other equipment). He stood so proud and told me “I’m back, baby”. His ankles are not even swollen. I have NO IDEA what that has to do with his bleeding stomach, but it can’t be a coincidence. He was finally able to get the shots in his hips to hold him until we can get back on our feet and take time for hip replacements, too.

I don’t know if it makes you guys smile, but I hope it does to know that every little thing you do in that office from the person answering the phone and every person up to the surgeon matters very much in people’s lives. He was supposed to have this surgery years back when it was a 2.5 cm bleeding ulcer and we were paying ridiculous premiums and out of pocket for our BCBS. No one would touch him because of mild liver problems then. Of course, they have gotten worse over the last few years. Dr. Patel’s willingness to do this gave us hope and a future.

I also know Medicaid doesn’t pay worth a crap, so I will be praising your office and Dr Patel’s name to anyone who will listen!

Have a beautiful week!!!

Mrs. Allen